Stock Flower

Basic Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

Stock flower, also commonly known as Gillyflower, is a deliciously scented flower that comes in many colors. More common ones are white, cream, lavender, pink, and tinted colors.

This bouquet is eventually going to be covered with stephanotis. The stock will help cover the mechanics of the bridal bouquet - meaning that it will cover up the foam and white cage of the bridal bouquet holder.

Although florists commonly use this as a line flower, I cut this one apart in the at the center. Use slightly longer cuts such as this one to surround the outside diameter of the bouquet holder.

Insert the outside stems into the sides, facing outward or tilted slightly downwards. It may be helpful to cut the stock into sharp, angled cuts on the end to make it easier to insert into the foam.

Cut always with a sharp knife, not scissors. Scissor blades crush delicate flower stems, making it hard for them to uptake water.

Continue all around the holder. Don't be afraid to use the greenish, bulb tips of the flower. These will just add more interest and texture to the bridal bouquet design.

Cut some of the pieces a little shorter than the ones around the outside diameter.

These shorter pieces of stock flower can be used to fill in the center of the bouquet.

Now that this bouquet is completely filled in, I am now ready to prepare the stephanotis for the insertion into the bouquet.

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