Stock Bridal Bouquet

Secondary Flowers

I continue to fill out this bridal bouquet with more cream stock.  See how cutting the stalks in half give different textures to the design.

Tuck the blooms beneath the rose heads, keeping them deeper than the more prominent focal flower.

Mixing the different color shades also adds interest.  Don't fall into the trap of thinking that everything has to "match" (including bridesmaid dresses and colored bows).

Use the beauty of natural flower colors to compliment and enhance your wedding palette.  Too exact match is reminiscent of the 1970's where artificial flowers were dyed to unnatural colors.

Continue to fill in where you see openings in the design.

The bouquet has filled out nicely, achieving a nice round shape with a domed center that opens out like a hand tied bouquet.

Pay attention to the sides of the bouquet.  Remember - on your initial walk down the aisle most of your guests are going to see your flowers from the side.  Be sure to use the secondary and filler flowers to hide the sides of the holder.

Don't pack the flowers too tightly.  I still have some final filler flowers (freesia and babies breath) that will be tucked into the openings between the roses and the stock flower.

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