Stephanotis Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

To make this Stephanotis Bridal Bouquet design, you will need the following materials:


Bridal Bouquet Holder
8 Stems white Stock Flower
35 Stephanotis Blooms
35 Stephanotis Stems
Pearl Corsage Pins or Diamante Pins
Floralock Stem Adhesive
Finishing Touch Spray

Step 1: Build a Base with Stock Flower

You must cover your mechanics (the florist foam and bouquet cage). If you don't want greenery in your bouquet, stock flower is a pretty alternative.

Step 2: Using Special Flower Picks

Stephanotis must be placed on special stemmed wire. Handle carefully - the blooms can be damaged by the oils on your fingers.

Step 4: Pearl or Diamante Pins

Adding pearls or Diamante pins adds a pretty accent to your bouquet.

Step 4: Final Bouquet Steps

Inserting the picks plus usage of Floralock and Finishing Touch spray.

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