Stargazer Lily Bouquet

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A stargazer lily has a large, star-shaped head with a luxurious scent. This striking flower is considered to be in the Oriental lily variety. Larger than an LA lily or Asiatic, the stems of this gorgeous flower usually yields between two to three blooms.

The color can range from a deep, vibrant pink to one that has a velvety burgandy throat.

See what a gorgeous wedding bouquet it makes, even with only ornamental grass as background accent.

Whether in bouquets, centerpieces or altar sprays, this beautiful lily is always an outstanding addition to any arrangement.

The lily buds will continue to open if kept in relatively cool conditions and with a clean water source. Be sure to remove any pollen stamens as soon as the lily begins to open. Otherwise, clothing, carpeting or table covering can be stained when the pollen matures.

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