Square Wedding Cakes

These gorgeous pictures of square wedding cakes just make it harder to choose - they're all so beautiful!

With the addition tulle, this cake looks like it's floating on a cloud.

Dainty lily of the valley icing flowers compliment this cake.

Simplicity is enhanced by varying the colors from tier to tier. It makes the icing pattern work stand out from the crowd.

This fondant beauty is unusual in that the tiers of this stacked design are set slightly askew. Beautiful fondant bows and ribbon are lovely accents.

If you plan on using a heavy topper, be sure to put a stabilizing plate under the top layer so it won't sink. Dowels are inserted all the way down on stacked cakes so the layers won't slip and slide. I HAVE seen this happen - be sure your baker takes precautions.

Photos courtesy Wilton Industries. All rights reserved.

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