Square Wedding Cake Picture

Looking to see a square wedding cake picture? Different photos, all of square cakes, are shown below decorated with roses, ribbons, elaborate icing scrolls and more.

Square Cake with Ribbon Decorations

Topped with nosegay of red and white sweetheart roses, sheer ribbons draped down the sides, who could ask for more? This is for the bride who wants understated taste.

A square wedding cake with a twist - literally! With the center cake rotated, this pink delicacy is banded with a cut out ribbon and topped with pink rose petals.

Elegance on a Square Cake Stand

This lovely little wedding cake sits regally on top an elevated square cake plate. Need more cake? Create larger versions and stagger on different cake plates. With a lattice work fondant design, this cake gets it's color from the topping of red sweetheart roses.

Above photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

Wedding Cake Decorated in Lavender

This square stacked wedding cake has a lovely cascade of lavender roses trailing down the side. Lavender Rose Bouquets or Lavender Wedding Cakes will take you to see more on purple or lavender wedding flowers and cakes.

This fondant wedding cake is interesting because of the different cutouts layered on the outside of the cake. You can top with a more traditional wedding topper if you choose. Always keep in mind that the design can always be changed into your wedding colors.

Photo courtesy Wilton. All rights reserved.

I love the spring look of this daisy wedding cake. If you are interested seeing more daisies, take a look at Daisy Wedding for decorating and wedding flower ideas.

Photo courtesy Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

Then we slide right into fall with this autumn wedding cake topped with a Chapel cake topper. This picture can literally makes your mouth water!

I would call this cake a center of attention at a "black tie" affair. Delicate scrollwork adds delicate beauty to the sides of this wedding cake.

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