Spring Wedding Colors

Spring wedding colors is usually a blend of soft colors, including blues, pinks and lavenders. If you prefer a stronger color scheme, take clues from nature with jonquil yellow, tulip oranges and iris purples. These bulb flower colors are the first to make an appearance during the blooming season.

Many brides shy away from combining blues and pinks, thinking it looks too much like a baby shower. Yet see what a romantic combination that blue delphinium, light pink wax flower and different pink hued roses make!

You can weave in some light blush roses for a creamy contrast that softens too much pink and blue. Candelabras can be easily made using a foam ring and iglu holder by Oasis.

Deepen the colors into a bright pink and dramatic blue for more drama. Don't you just love the imaginative way that mega wire and decorative wire create a beautiful framed bouquet collar? They come in a large range of colors, including turquoise, strong pink and pink featured below.

The stronger shades of these colors turn this bouquet into a show stopper! Pink roses, dark blue delphinium, hanging amaranthus and butterflies make these jewel colors absolutely rich!

Dark blue muscari (also known as grape hyacinths) are wonderfully fragrant. Circled by blue "Cool Water" roses and framed with seeded eucalyptus, this bouquet is sure to receive many compliments.

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