Spring Wedding Bouquet

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A spring wedding bouquet should reflect the freshness of a new beginning - just like the season.

This beautiful bouquet looks like a hand-tied - but it has a secret! It is actually arranged in a bouquet holder, with the handle hidden within the cut flower stems. This way the delicate spring flowers that are so thirsty continues to have a water source, keeping them fresh throughout your wedding day! I like to use an Oasis SuperWet Bouquet Holder for this, since it is available in green and blends well into the flower stems. It has an added bonus of a self-wicking handle. This way you can leave the cap off the bottom, pop it into a vase of water when you're done designing and it keeps the Oasis wet and the flowers fresh! Awesome - you can do the bouquet ahead of time!

This bouquet is bursting with gorgeous flowers, including pink and yellow tulips, dainty orange stars-of-Bethlehem, warm peach amaryllises, yellow hyacinths and soft coral Gloriosa lilies. Touches of blue are blended in with muscari and pale lavender hyacinths.

Photo courtesy Florists' Review. All rights reserved.

Like the look of a cascade? This stunning design has a mixture of soft hued roses, asiatic lilies and soft pink alstoeromeia with a lovely framing of trailing ivy.

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