Spraying Boutonniere with Flower Sealant

Finish every boutonniere you make with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.  This product is not that expensive and makes a big difference in the life of your flowers (especially ones like corsages and boutonnieres that don't have a constant water source).

Mist the rose well, let it dry and then keep refrigerated until needed.  Kitchen refrigerators pull humidity out, while florist coolers pump humidity in.  Help keep the moisture locked into your flower petals by covering lightly with a plastic wrap after spraying with the flower sealant.

So simple . . . yet completely sophisticated and elegant enough for any black tie affair.  The hot colors of the laser leaves literally pop out when framed against the dark tux lapel. 

Attach boutonnieres on the wearer's left side (the right side of the pinner).  I prefer using longer corsage pins  rather than short boutonniere pins. 

Fold the tux lapel outward and pin from underneath, making sure to drive the point of the pin upward and into the flower head.  A second pin can secure farther down the stem if the boutonniere flops forward.  Make sure that no sharp points are exposed that can injure the wearer or clothing.

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