Solid Wedding Color Palettes

Solid wedding color palettes usually have one or two different hues of a color that is a strong focal point of each flower design. Complimentary colors are usually unobtrusive and meant to simply add a touch of contrast here or there.

This color theme focuses on the brilliance of the gold colored flowers. Gladiolus, calla lilies and tulips are all basically in the same color family. The cake was deepened to a dark gold to provide some contrast and break up the color a bit.

Notice how creative this bridal bouquet design is. Regardless that all the flowers are the same solid color, the difference in their shapes and sizes give an interesting contrast to each other. A strand of Mega Beads serve the same purpose as what darkening the cake above accomplished.

Black Midollino Sticks bundled and bound with a colored wire band gives this pave arrangement a very interesting focal points while keeping the solid color theme.

Adding the potted mums in burgandy gives some relief to the solid mass of yellow cymbidium orchids and roses. Still - it's very obvious what the main color them of the wedding is supposed to be.

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