Soft Tulle

Soft tulle is a lovely sheer fabric often used by brides as a cheap decorating tool. You can drape it behind cake tables, loop around bannisters, hang from reception hall ceilings and more. It comes in short 6" bolts in many colors and wider widths (up to 54") when you need a larger quantity.

This tutorial for a tulle pew bow started with cutting the tulle into lengths. Now tie a tight square knot binding all three tulle lengths together.

I used a product called Cling to hold my tulle taut while braiding - but you can simply tie the short ends of the tulle to a chair spindle if needed.<

Begin to braid down tightly, using all three lengths of the tulle netting.

You are going to need enough braided to create a circle around the Oasis Mini Deco that will hold and support either your fresh flowers or silk flowers.

Don't worry about the loose ends - they will blend right into the rest of the pew bow after it is finished.

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