Soaking the Bridal Bouquet Holder

Fresh Flower Food

Be sure to mix the professional flower food according to the label directions in the water that the bridal bouquet holder is to soak in.  It's important that the flowers are given nutrients up to the wedding day so they will look great.

You can use either single containers or larger ones if you have a lot of holders to soak.  Using more food than directed won't hurt the flowers, but it would be a waste of product.

Allow the holder to soak throughly before using.  It takes less than a minute and will sink slowly into the water as the foam absorbs water. 

Taking it out too soon may risk having dry pockets in the foam.  If a flower stem rests in a dry pocket, the flower will die.  Take your time and don't be impatient or try to force the foam under the water. 

The bouquet holder will feel heavier as you take it out of the water.

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