Soaking Florist Foam

Soaking florist foam completely in water that has been treated with a quality flower food is the first important step for this tutorial. 

Choosing to do your own floral designs means you need to treat your flowers as a professional would.  A professional knows that the key to keeping your flowers fresh throughout the entire design process means using the right products.

There are all kinds of "home remedies" floating around on the internet.  Everything from sugar water to soda to putting pennies in water.  In essence, too much treatment can be just as detrimental to the flowers as no treatment.

By using a professional mixture, you can measure and add the proper amount needed to feed and nourish those expensive bulk wedding flowers.  The cost is nominal when compared with the actual cost of the flowers!

A single brick of Oasis Maxlife foam holds an incredible amount of water (up to 2 quarts!)  Fresh flowers need to uptake a large amount of clean water each day. 

Be sure that your foam always stays saturated - adding more water if needed each day that passes.

Another important point is to let the brick of foam "float soak".  Do not push the brick below the water surface, trying to force it to soak up water more quickly.  

Oasis bricks saturate quickly anyway . . . but it's important to allow it to sink to the bottom of the water container by itself.  This way you know there are no dry spots trapped inside the brick that can be death to a flower stem.

You can see the brick turns dark as it absorbs the water.  Maxlife comes in different densities for different types of flowers.  (Such as spring bulb flowers, which need a lighter density not to crush the stems as they are pushed into the foam.)

Standard density is the type I most commonly recommend, which is good for everyday designs using for a variety of common flowers.

The brick is marked with score lines so you can easily cut it into even portions of half or thirds if needed.

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