Snowflake Wedding Cake

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A snowflake wedding cake fits perfectly into a winter wedding theme! Below you'll find gorgeous photos shared by members of . I appreciate their willingness to let me share them with you. If you need further information on copyright, just click on the photo itself.

Cordele Photography took this picture. I love the snowflake cake topper!

Here's a closeup by Corey Ann on Flickr showing the delicate embroidery snowflakes on the sides.

Here's the same cake with a full view. Elegance and grace at its best!

I love the teal ribbon bands around, setting this one by heavenlybites off perfectly.

Decorate with any fresh flowers, because the snowflake motif by TracyHunter sets your tone for a winter wedding.

This design is by the professionals at Wilton. Gorgeous in every way!

Photo Courtesy Wilton. All rights reserved.

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