Small Wedding Cake

Petite Cakes for your
Small Wedding Ceremony

Need just a small wedding cake versus the traditionallarge cake? No problem! The folks at Wilton Cakes advise that you look for the cake you like the design of . . . and just have it scaled down!

Any cake whose smallest tier measures 8" or more in diameter may be modified for fewer servings by decreasing the size of each tier by 2".

Other option would be to simply subtracta tier.

Don't feel that just because your cake is smaller than normal that you can't have tiers. Wilton does make smaller scale posts and pillars to fit almost any design you desire.

Heart shaped pans come in all sizes. This cake can also be scaled to fit your needs.

Give your small wedding cake a beautiful look by elevating it on a pretty crystal cake plate.

Keep your icing decorations on scale with the cake. Don't overpower it with large borders, swags or icing flowers.

This dainty design combines two different cake shapes, a heart and a square. This adds interest to your cake.

Wrap a fondant bow as a finish to the bottom of your design. Tiny dots accent the sides.

A tiny cake elevated gives this miniature cake the style and feel of a larger one!

All photos above are courtesy Wilton. All rights reserved.

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