Sisal Bridal Bouquets

A sisal bridal bouquet incorporates a natural fiber made from a plant. It can be left a natural light tan or brown, but the newest sisal from Smither-Oasis is dyed bright colors and then woven or twisted into the bouquet designs.

Wrap green sisal around your bouquet handles and then wind beaded pearls tightly over the sisal. This fun look is fantastic and truly creates a unique look for your bridal flowers.

A similar, but daintier look is obtained with cool green flowers such as roses, hydrangeas and green hypericum nested within a natural cream bed of sisal. Twist down the handle and secure with an over wrap of silver bullion wire .

Pull out the fibers for a little more airy feel - but it turns up the heat with an eye-popping hot pink color!

Pomanders are fast to make with Oasis Netted Spheres and a wrap of shimmering wire. There are so many ways to incorporated sisal into other wedding flowers that can coordinate bouquets with reception and ceremony decorations.

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