Simple Wedding Cake

Decorating Wedding Cakes with Fresh Flowers

A simple wedding cake can be a masterpiece in elegance when decorated with fresh flowers. See some photos of cakes below that show the simple use of color and fresh flowers.

Green Wedding Cakes

The understated beauty in this simple cake catches the eye. Although this one is done up in green, it can easily be adapted to another wedding color scheme.

Topped with a small vase of flowers, button Kermit or Yoko Ono pomps are cut and inserted flat into the top side of the cake. (Decorating hint: take along a box of round toothpicks. Insert a toothpick into the stems of the pomps and they will easily pierce the cake's icing.

The green wedding cake pictured below is very cheap and simple to decorate. Green carnations give this smooth icing a easy charm. It is quick to do with little mess. You can create coordinating pieces to surround and accent your cake. Be sure to coat all your fresh flowers with clear "Crowning Glory" and allow to dry completely before placing on the cake. The flowers will then stay fresh throughout the long day.

Topped with a cymbidium orchid, this cool green wedding cake is finished with a wide double-faced satin ribbon and a stem of pittosporum. Since cymbidium orchids come in a large array of colors, this cake can be easily changed.

Victorian Tea Wedding Cake

Charmingly topped with a teacup, this simple wedding cake is banded with a wide satin ribbon. I think it would be lovely if you used an heirloom teacup (perhaps your grandmother's tea service?) to add the only color to this cake. Be sure to have a support plate on top of the cake to hold the weight of the flowers and the teacup.

Yellow Wedding Cake on Decorative Plates

The elevated cake plates and clusters of posies on top of this sweet cake makes it beautiful. Simply decorated with a variety of gold and white pomps, you will love the look of this on your wedding table!

Simple White Wedding Cake

This white heart-shaped cake will have a lovely fragrance. It is so easy to decorate by removing hyacinth florets and placing them directly on top of the cake.

Simple Cupcake Wedding Cake

This cupcake wedding cake is swirled with your choice of icing and topped with a single flower bud. Such and easy and cheap . . . you can decorate this one in a snap!

Check out Cupcake Wedding Cakes if you would like to see more similar ideas.

Picture of a Square Wedding Cake

This square one is elevated and then topped with a nosegay of flowers. Let colored ribbons trail down the sides for a color accent.

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