Silk Leaves for Corsages

Silk leaves are used by professional florists to create corsage and boutonniere work. Basic leaves are usually wrapped in bundles of 25 and sold in packages of 100.

I, however, break up the quantities and sell them in individual bunches of 25 per set. I know not every bride needs 100 silk leaves to create their own DIY wedding flowers. You also have the option to purchase then entire 100 set at lower cost if you prefer.

These leaves come in a darker green and mimic the look of a real rose leaf. The vein patterned leaf is glued to a fine green wire making it easy to bend and shape the leave.

These corsage leaves are a generous 3" long with a precision cut edge that minimizes fraying of cheaper silks.

You can quickly twist the wires of several leaves together making a base for your shoulder or wrist corsage.

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