Shorten Corsage Pins

Florists often shorten corsage pins to use as decorative accessories on corsages and boutonnieres.  Please take extreme care, as some of the pin shanks are very hard and may be difficult to cut.  Sharp ends can go flying off and cause a hazard to faces or eyes.

Use safety goggles and insert the sharp end of the pin deeply into styrofoam.  Use heavy pliers to cut the pin to the length you desire.

If the pins are very short, you can dip the ends into floral adhesive before inserting into flower heads or flower stems.

I also sell Pixie Pins available in 10 different colors that save the time of cutting the pins yourself.  They are already only 1" long and come 100 to a box.

 I secure the ribbon wrap at the top by inserting a short pearl pin at an upward angle into the flower head, making sure no sharp point is sticking out where it can harm someone or damage clothing.

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