How to Seal a
Wedding Bouquet

Finishing Touch

I choose to seal every wedding bouquet, corsage and boutonniere that I create with a product called Finishing Touch.  This spray is specially designed to refresh, hydrate and protect the fresh flowers in your bouquets.

It is a common practice in most professional flower shops to use this type of product.  Using the correct products to extend the life of your flowers (especially those under duress like being carried in and out of water temperatures as bouquets are on a wedding day) is what sets professional florists apart from amateurs.

You spend so much time and money on bulk wedding flowers.  Don't skimp on investing in a few products that will make your flowers everything they should be on your wedding day.

This is even more important if you do not have a refrigeration unit to hold your flowers at a cooler temperature until the day of the event.

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