Sample Wording for
Wedding Invitations

When Both Parents are Hosting

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The wording for wedding invitations when BOTH parents are hosting can read similar to the examples below. Although the rules of etiquette say this is used when both sets of parents are splitting the costs of the event, some couples (who are paying for the wedding themselves) simply like to honor their parents by putting their names on the invites.

Extra verses or phrases such as "as they happily unite" can give a warmer, personal feeling to the invitation.

Be sure to include all pertinent information, including double checking spellings of all the parents as well as the bride and groom. Don't ASSUME you know . . . trust me on this!

Friendly wording like this suggests a mutual joy between the families and will convey this to your guests.

Be sure your invitation has "eye appeal" and break up too long of sentences into two separate lines if necessary.

The year and date numbers are generally spelled out completely, while it is acceptable to keep the numbers in their regular form in an address.

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