Rose Bridal Bouquet

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A delicate rose bridal bouquet is probably the number one favorite of most brides. Since roses come in such a vast array of varieties and colors, yours can still be unique to your special day!

This first cascade is a soft mixture of traditional white and champagne colored roses.

Dotted with a trail of stephanotis that is accented with rhinestones, these beautiful pink and deep rose colored bouquet is lovely.

The extra-long stems wrapped with dotted swiss ribbon creates a striking look for these golden beauties.

Ringed by Gold Dust dracenea greenery, these deep golden roses are sure to make a great statement on your wedding day.

Hybrid blue delphinium and hydrangeas make these soft peach roses pop! This has got to be one of my favorite bouquets!

Lavender stock, deep purple asters and golden solidego are stunning against these bright orange roses.

A mixture of golds, peaches and soft oranges in these roses come alive when dripping with bling bling wire and pearls.

Deep wine cymbidium orchids compliment the soft fall colors of this lovely cascade.

Using decorative lemon grass to create a "cage" effect encircling your rose clutch is a novel idea.

To keep your bouquet from drying out, be sure to mist well with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch. Always keep the florist foam on your bouquet holder wet with water treated with cut flower food. This is the secret of keeping those flowers looking beautiful throughout the whole wedding day!

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