Rose Boutonnieres

Surrounding with Salal Leaves

Salal leaves (sometimes commonly referred to as Lemon Leaf) is a beautiful green glossy leaf with a traditional rounded shape.

I usually spray my fresh greenery with a leaf polish.  I offer Leafshine in a smaller can perfect for the DIY bride.  It's big enough to do all the greenery for an average sized wedding.

Leaf polish will seal the leaves against moisture loss and leave them looking glossy and shiny.  Sometime water can leave greenery looking dull as splotchy because of the calcium build up in hard water.

You can spray before working with the leaves or later, after you have them all wired and taped.

I pierce the bottom of the lemon leaf with a green florist wire.

Press your thumb and forefinger firmly on both sides of the wire where you have pierced it and bend the wire down parallel to the stem, taking care not to tear the leaf.

I pinch the bottom of the leaf together and then tape the base of the leaf, continuing on down the wire stem.

The leaf will have a little pucker at the bottom after you are done wiring.

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