Make a Rose Boutonniere

Let's make this boutonniere shine by the addition of skinny wire .  This 28 gauge wire comes on a generous 110 yard roll and comes in a large selection of colors.

It's very easy and pliable and can be shaped with just your fingers.

I start high, because I want as much of the rose stem covered in a tight coil of wire as I can get.

Secure the cut end by inserting it deeply into the back of the rose head.  Turn the rose slowly, winding the wire as high up on the flower bulb as you can.

Go a little looser at the top, as pulling tightly may cause the wire to slide down out of place.

Once you get the hang of it, wrapping the wire goes very quickly.

Continue moving down, creating a smooth, rich texture that definitely rivals ribbon wrap.

Take care at the bottom not to have the coils slip off the end of the boutonniere.  Leave about an 1 1/2" to 2" length at the bottom of the bout before snipping the wire with cutters.

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