Rose Bouquet Tutorial

The next step in this bouquet tutorial is to place a rose just above the last one you placed as part of the cascade (lower right).

Tilt the face slightly outward from the center.  You notice that the roses are opening nicely.  When you first unpack your flowers that were dry packed, the roses were closed.  Now they begin to open gently in the warmth as you design.

Try to take advantage of the natural curve of some flowers.  I'm going to place this one near the top of the bouquet curving upwards.

This was a tight, angled shot from the bottom facing upwards.  I'm touching the bent rose that I just talked about in the previous photo.

From a downward view up, see how all the roses in the center are facing center and then begin facing outward.

Now I'm placing another white rose below the very center rose on to it's left.

Although slightly asymmetrical, (not a perfect mirror image) - the bouquet has taken on a very lovely traditional cascade shape.

Look at the design.  Can you see the open spot where the next rose is going to be placed in the cascade?

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