"Romantic Hideaway"

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Romantic Hideaway is the name of this cake. Every creation in the wedding cake gallery is so unique - I can see where it would be hard to choose! But what fun you'll have doing it! This one is entitled "Romantic Hideaway" and is featured in the Wilton Bridal Cakes book.

Fashioned as an elegant gazebo setting, the bride and groom are hidden away in a bed of flowers. This would be exquisite in an outdoor Garden wedding!

Arched pillars and a decorative scalloped base give this cake an old-fashioned air. Tall pillars are set on top of the round base cakes, then a double stacked cake and another short tier to the top layer. Fill with an abundance of fresh flowers inside and on top! As pictured, this cake serves 306.

Photos courtesy Wilton. All rights reserved.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL HAVE TO SUBSTITUTE. This look was achieved with a Gazebo Kit which is now discontinued by Wilton:


Sorry . . . I do not have any more of these kits available.

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