Ribbon Wedding Cake

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A ribbon wedding cake has been around a long time. But the methods to make those ribbons or bows may have changed some over the years. Those imaginative people at Wilton Cakes have come up with some beautiful ideas for using ribbons or bows on your wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Ribbons made of Fabric

The delicate champagne colored ribbons around this fondant cake give it an elegant polish of sophistication. Bridal white roses are tucked all around into each tier.

The unusual use of this gold ribbon gives this cake a unique flair. Isn't is amazing how ribbon can change the whole look of a cake? It is so simple to do!

The fountain wedding cake uses twirls of peach ribbon tied to pillars to give an extra twist.

Sheer gold ribbon accents makes this a perfect Christmas Wedding Cake. This ribbon wedding cake looks like a Christmas package waiting to be opened.

I think this wedding cake would also be wonderful to use as a Christmas wedding cake. The ribbon trim is so elegant.

Fondant Bow Wedding Cakes

The bows topping this sweet wedding cake are actually cut out of rolled fondant. It's easier than it looks.

This simple wedding cake has bands of ribbon fondant surrounding this wedding cake. There are a lot of different ways you can drape or swirl fondant to look like amazing drapes around your wedding cake.

Above Photos courtesy of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

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