Ribbon Bridal Bouquet

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The ribbon bridal bouquet photos below can give you some creative ideas on how to use decorative ribbon in your flowers. As in this first bouquet, different shades of a similar color can create a lot of interest.

The newer, glitzy ribbons add shine and interest on both the bouquet handle and as a loopy bow accent.

Long broad streamers can make a dramatic contrast to your wedding gown.

Perhaps you'd like to add fun by using lots and lots of narrow ribbons in varying colors. Attach flower heads by knotting some of the streamers around close-cut stems for extra interest.

Notching broad ribbon and using as an attractive collar for around your bouquet is another interesting method.

Create streamers with tucks and folds and use floral adhesive to attach flower heads directly to the ribbon.

Above photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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