Red Wedding Flowers

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If you are planning to have red wedding flowers, be sure to click on each of the thumbnails below for awesome ideas for bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and boutonnieres. Don't stop there! There are many other design ideas on this site that could easily be redone in red.

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If you are planning a Do It Yourself wedding, please visit my store. You will discover many hard-to-find items such as bridal bouquet holders, centerpiece supplies, cake toppers, and design tools.

Be sure to visit my tutorial pages as well. You will find easy ways to create centerpieces, altar sprays and other flower decorations for much cheaper than you'd pay a florist. The key is to save money - but not overwhelm yourself with so many projects that it causes you stress. Be sure to line up plenty of friends to help design and transport your precious cargo on the day of the wedding.

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