Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece

Securing Top with Wooden Stakes

I want to use the cut out top as a design element in this fall pumpkin centerpiece.  I use wooden Cowee stakes (often commonly referred to as hyacinth stakes) inserted into the underside of the pumpkin top.

Wooden stakes swell when wet and tighten into foam.  I'm going to ensure that these stakes don't loosen by giving them a quick squirt of floral adhesive, which adheres nicely to wet surfaces.

Set aside and allow the glue to dry.  This takes a few minutes, unlike hot glue that dries pretty quickly.

Although you can trim some of the excess length off the picks, be sure to leave enough length to insert deeply into the foam and allow for some adjusting.

At this point, I inserted the top at an angle on the side of the pumpkin.  I may need to pull this out some later, so don't glue it to the foam at this point.

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