Prom Wrist Corsages

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The newest in prom wrist corsages with updated looks and accents. But these lovely purple corsages can be made up in alternate colors and work just as well for weddings!

Bling bling is all the rage! Fiber optic lights look fantastic on the dance floor while the rhinestones sparkle in the pics!

I absolutely love lavender alstroemeria! This flower is also known as the Peruvian lily and holds up so well in a corsage! It also comes in a white version with lavender tipped edges - gorgeous!

These yellow-centered asters create a sweet mound of flowers with sprays of seeded pearls.

This fun mixture of miniature "moon" carnations, lavender roses and asters can sit high on a shoulder or worn as a wrist corsage. Investigate the lace aisle in the fabric department for great ribbons and accents to add to your corsage.

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Be sure to check out the Do It Yourself corsage supplies in my store. It also includes hints on how to keep corsages fresh thoroughout the night.

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