Prom Corsages

Styles of prom corsages have changed greatly in the last few years. Current prom flowers have a lot of fun with adding stick-on rhinestones, creative ways with colored wire and the much more comfortable "slap bracelet" style wristlets.

They are much easier to assemble, using special floral adhesive lets you put them together in minutes. Vivid colors, especially using orchids, are a hot item. This design uses both a lavender and cerise chiffon ribbons, as well as purple metallic wire for contrast. You only need one stem of purple dendrobiums and a stem of spray roses.

The cool blue tones of this prom favorite is achieved with blue hyacinths, nigella and montbretia. There is a backing of varigated pittosporum and leaves of a succulent plant.

Deep reds are always a top choice. Instead of roses, try red altromeria and red hypericum berries for an unusual design with lots of texture and harmony.

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