Pomander Bouquet Tutorial

Flower Tutorials for the Do It Yourself Bride

The previous page to this pomander tutorial was adding fun wire geometric shapes over the whole netted sphere. The only flowers are three orange Asiatic lilies , leaving enough of the ball without flowers so that the Oasis Sisal and decorative wire can show as part of the overall design.

I then added stunning bouquet jewelry in the center of each lily for extra sparkle and glamor

This particular design can be changed in so many ways to be adapted for any wedding. Change the flowers, the color of the wire or sisal or even the size of the bouquet. Use the 4 1/2" netted sphere to adapt this as a bridesmaid or bridal bouquet instead of a flower girl.

This lovely flower ball is beautiful from all sides.

It is very easy to make and the flowers can be added quickly at before going to the church.

If you do this several days ahead, be sure to keep dribbling water on the foam to keep it wet. You should allow it to air dry a little before taking it to the church, so that water spots won't appear on dresses.

It is important to mist well with Finishing Touch so that the petals stay well hydrated during the wedding and reception.

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