Pomander Balls

Directions for Wedding Flowers

This Pomander Balls tutorial began with immersing the Oasis Netted Sphere in water treated with Crystal Clear. I then created a handle for the pomander out of decorative wire. Now I am going to use hot pink Oasis Sisal to cover the green foam. This fun fiber comes in many different colors and can be can be used in so many different ways.

Lightly pull the sisal out of the plastic bag and pull apart the fibers.

Cut a short length of the same decorative wire used for the bouquet handle. Bend into a hairpin "U" shape.

Use this hairpin wire to pin the Sisal into place all around the Oasis netted sphere.

After the sisal has been secured to the ball with the pins, wrap a contrasting color of the wire several times around the ball, similar to wrapping up a ball of yarn.

When you are done, the contrasting wire will allow the sisal to show through, creating a fun pattern of both color and texture for this pomander.

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