Pomander Ball

Wedding Bouquet Directions for DIY Brides

A pomander ball has become popular as a sweet alternative to the traditional flower girl baskets. Brides and their attendants have even enjoyed carrying larger versions of this sweet Victorian flower ball.

Be careful not to get too large of a ball, however. When soaked in water, they have more weight to them. A 3" ball is perfect for a little girl, while a 4 1/2" works well for a bridal or maid bouquet. The larger 6" and 8" balls should be used for centerpieces instead of being carried.

The first step is to soak the Oasis Netted Sphere in water treated with a flower food.

Rest the soaked foam ball in a short glass or other similar holder.

Notice the netting encloses the whole sphere. Florists used to have to tape the balls with waterproof tape to ensure the integrity of the foam.

The extra netting at the top is strong enough if you wish to hang the balls from a support or ceiling. I will cut this off later, since I'm using it as a flower girl pomander.

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