Plant Decorations for Weddings

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Don't overlook using plant decorations for weddings. Both blooming and green plants can be an inexpensive alternative to large florals.

In spring and early summer weddings, gorgeous hydrangea plants are available in several different pot sizes. The wonderful benefit? Plant them in your yard as a lovely remembrance after your wedding day has passed.

Simple mum plants can add a lot of color to fall weddings. Here, birch branches are added to give height and add drama.

Using plants with interesting foliage and placing on different elevations can add warmth and interest to the background of your wedding ceremony.

Put them in interesting containers. Urns, decorative baskets and carved containers are available at your local hardware center or plant nursery.

Potted trees are also very beautiful decorations. Imaginative braiding of ribbon up the truck can add a festive touch. Consider stringing lights in your taller plants.

Photographs courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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