Pink Wedding Flowers

Are you going to use pink wedding flowers? Then you should enjoy the pictures below. Their shading can range from bright and bold to soft and romantic rosy shades. No matter which flower in a you had in mind, these are so pretty you will want to use them all!

Rose Wedding Flowers

This rose wedding clutch is one of my favorites. These beautiful roses come in many different shades. I used these softly colored roses and mixed them with green hydrangeas. They were gorgeous and madea nice wedding bouquet when combined with green flowers as well.

I bought them from an online wholesale flower farm called I must say, their roses were breathtaking. If you are planning to buy your wedding flowers on line, take a look at their selection. I was impressed because the flowers were beautiful and the shipping was free!

This is another wedding bouquet that has a much brighter hues.It uses a mixture of snapdragons, roses, waxflower and (I love this!) hot magenta colored boronia.

Boronia is a hot magenta-colored flower with a lovely scent. If you are allergic to flower scents - this one is not for you.

Another filler flower I love to recommend is waxflower.It is a sweet flower that has a wild grassy look to it. I use itmore often than babies breath.

I love using stock in bridal flowers. This flower has a long line and has clusters of heavy blooms up the stem. They smell heavenly and can be cut in smaller lengths for use in your wedding bouquet.

Another recommended flower is the sweet pea. It is usually more in season during the spring months and can be a little pricey. I don't use these as often because the blooms tend to shatter off the stem easily. But if you tuck it in a tight bouquet, it is very pretty and will have a lot more support against loosing blooms.

If you are planning to carry a cascading wedding bouquet, look atsnapdragons. A very nice flower that is inexpensive and available all year round, it is hardy enough to hold up against a lot of handling.

Wedding Centerpieces

Smithers-Oasis has many wonderful flower foam shapes and products to help make up your wedding centerpieces in no time! You can even frame your bridal portrait or engagement picture with flowers!

Smithers-Oasis even makes foam in fun colors, such as the wedding arrangement below.

Don't forget that hot wire colors are the latest thing. See how these pink wedding flowers sizzle with this bendable wire.

Be sure to check out the other pages on my website. You will find lots of design ideas for centerpieces, flower arrangements, reception decorations and more, many can easily be adapted into pink wedding flowers.

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Florist supplies that are usually only available through a wholesale florist supply is provided so you can recreate many of the items you see on this website.

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