Pink Wedding Cake

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I love a pink wedding cake. Pink is such a soft and dreamy color to use in a wedding theme. See several different styles of in different hues and shades incorporated into the wedding cakes below. All the photos are of Wilton Cakes

(Note: Occasionally some of the accessories, such as cake toppers or pillars, may already be discontinued. But the lovely cakes can still be reproduced and other accessories substituted for them.)

This first cake does have a discontinued romantic cake topper of a bride and groom on a love seat. You can sometimes find it online. It's called "Forever in Your Eyes" by Wilton. Staggered oval cakes gives this wedding cake an unusual look.

Look at the lacework on this cake! That is actually piped icing. Delicate icing lace is made on a separate place and then placed 3-dimensionally on the cake. Beautiful!

This delicate cake has similar work - but in a different pattern.This wedding cake could be reproduced in several different sizes and then staggered on elevated cake plates.

This bright pink cake is baked in heart-shaped pans. Small pillars lift the top layer up to give a little extra height.

This cake features a pale pink icing overlaid with brighter pink icing flowers. Remember you can also substitute fresh flowers for the icing flowers.

This lovely wedding cake gives a slightly different twist with the bride and groom cake topper on a lower level rather than on the traditional top layer.

Look close at the delicate lace pattern on this beautiful wedding cake. Fresh flowers could be substituted instead of the bridesmaids figurines.

This majestic cake has five elevated cakes and four satellite cakes. Notice the bottom cakes have pink on pink while the upper cakes are pink on white.

All above Photos courtesy Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

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