Pink Rose Boutonniere

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If you want your groom to wear a pink rose boutonniere, there are several floral designs below to choose from. Whether you want something very traditional . . . or perhaps a little more bling?

This very simple rose is so elegant with a sheer ribbon wrapped stem and a backtail showing above the rose.

Add a touch of ivy and a rosebud for extra interest and glamour, while still staying very traditional.

Things begin to heat up when you add decorative accents, such as eryngium, seeded eucalyptus and decorative wire.

Tuck in hyacinth blooms or other small floralets to create a cloud around the main flower head. These can be glued with floral adhesive to save time.

Begin to get creative by pulling out the inner petals of a full headed rose and gluing in hypericum berries.

Tie a jaunty shoestring bow around the stems of the rose and several different types of greens for added pizzaz. Don't get carried away - most men do not care for elaborate bows on their bouts.

Liven up the pale pink by adding hot purple! Colored wire creates a stunning frame and wire wrapped stem.

Photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

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