Pink Hand Tied Wedding Bouquet

Final Steps to our Bridal Bouquet Design

The final steps to completing our pink hand tied wedding bouquet aren't hard - but they are important.

I finish every wedding bouquet I make with a spray called Finishing Touch. This spray is used to hydrate and protect your fresh flowers. Shake it before using and spray it evenly, coating all the flower heads with it. Let the flowers dry before placing it in any refrigerated area. This product will make your flowers last throughout your wedding day.

The second product I use on every wedding bouquet is an adhesive called Floralock.

It comes with a long red straw that fits into the spray nozzle of the can. Shake it throughly before using (this is important to be able to use ALL the glue eventually out of the can).

Insert the nozzle deep into the bouquet close to the foam and give short squirts to the base of the flowers.

Continue this all around every flower stem. Don't overuse to the point that it drips down the handle.

Although this can seems expensive, it goes a long way on a lot of bouquets. I think it's well worth it - since the stems are secure and don't fall out of the bouquets. I've secured even long, heavy cascades with this product and have never seen a flower fall out yet if properly used!

With the cap off of the bottom of the Superwet Bridal bouquet holder, you can now rest the finished bouquet in a vase of water in a cool refrigerator. Be sure the temperature isn't set too cold, as freezing is more of a danger than not having it cool enough.

I do suggest you try to keep your bouquets and corsages in a spare fridge if you've got one. Otherwise keep in a dark, air-conditioned room with a cool-air humidifier running.

All other flowers such as centerpieces, altar sprays and vases can be kept in a cool room, out of direct sunlight and after sprayed well with Finishing Touch. Be sure no OASIS ever goes dry before your wedding day - water is the life of flowers! The humidifier helps keep moisture in the air since air conditioning is very drying to flowers.

As you can see, Stacy was very happy with her bridal bouquet!

I added a few decorative grasses around the diameter as well as some very fine silver wire. The result was a bouquet that gleamed and sparkled in the light and photographed beautifully.

The bouquet held up well and looked just as lovely at the end of the evening as it did when it started, even though it had some very fragile water loving flowers in it such as the viburnum and the gerber daisies.

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