Pink Floral Wreath

Gorgeous pink floral wreath would be a stunning part of your wedding decor for both the church and your reception hall.

This wreath is made up with a combination of pink roses, pink carnations, lavender stock, pink spray roses, pink and green gladiolus, and green hydrangeas.

Clustered in are Moondust and Moonshadown miniature carnations - fantastic shades of purple produced by the Florigene company.

Clever additions of fresh apples make this gorgeous wreath breathtaking. Secure the apples with Cowee picks - small wooden stakes used by florists to secure items to wreaths and flower arrangements.

These wreaths are made on an Oasis Wreath Base and securing the flowers by inserting deeply into the foam.

Fresh Floral Supplies

You'll find it easy to create wreaths like this one and other beautiful wedding florals with the supplies found in my store. I carry all the floral supplies used by professional florists when creating their designs.

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