Pink and Orange
Wedding Colors

Pink and orange wedding colors make some people wince . . . they just can't imagine those two colors going together. Yet they really are a marvelous combination both in soft pastels and in hot tones.

The flowers below are a combinations of peaches, rose, green and a hint of chocolate.

Gerberas are always a delightful choice. The combination of pink and cream daisies arranging in a vase that stands within a large bubble bowl layered with fresh oranges.

Here is is the orange Gerbers that are the focal point. Contrasting colors of green and pink are created with beaded wire and OASIS™ Midollino Sticks. The sticks are available in eight great colors, including natural, black, apple green (shown below), strong pink, purple, turquoise and pink.

Deepen the hues and you get a stunning contrast between hot pink and vivid orange for a stunning rose display created on an Oasis Wreath Base.

The brighter colors are stunning in a bridal bouquet designed with pink tipped, orange and soft white roses, viburnum, and flat fern.

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