Pictures of Wedding Bouquets

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Brides search out pictures of wedding bouquets everywhere. They clip from magazines, browse through florist books and search the internet for hours. As a wedding florist - I can totally understand that! I've compiled lots and lots of pictures for you to look at. I have also tried to list the common flowers found in the bouquets and give advice on the best seasons for some.

The first bouquet on this page is a stunning combination of Miracle roses, tulips and deep reddish-orange Peruvian lilies, better known as Alstroemeria. Add in a little hot pink in the form of heather and you have a truly gorgeous bouquet!

Funny . . . you usually don't picture soft orange, pinks and deep purples together - but they create a striking balance of harmony in this hand tied bouquet. Although they resemble roses, the deep purple in this bouquet is actually lisianthus. It's combined with soft orange roses, light pink stock, and dainty pink phlox. Framed with white Dusty Miller foliage, it's finished with a sheer, gauzy ribbon of light blue for a spring look.

Hot pink edged roses are combined with white lisianthus and pink Gerbera daisies for a lovely free styled bouquet. Add in heather, and both green and seeded euculyptus for a unique look.

Hot colors fire up this bright clutch of flowers! Deep orange Gerbera daisies, hot pink Calla lilies, orange and red freesia are framed in both lemon and leather leaf for a cool, green collar.

Soft shades of peaches and mellow orange blend together with a mix of tulips, roses and white mums with a interwoven bow of striped satin.

Purples and oranges abound in this mix of stock, roses, freesia, viking pomps and mixed greenery.

Did you know ivy is supposed to mean fidelity and love? It is a beautiful addition to this casual mix of different shades of roses.

Above photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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