Pictures of Church Wedding Decorations

Want to see pictures of church wedding decorations? It's hard to decide exactly how to decorate your own sanctuary without some photos to go by. Coordinate your flowers with your bridal and attendant bouquets. You should also consider enlisting the help of your florist or friends to transport some of the church arrangements to the reception so you can get "double duty".

See how different the same setting can look just by changing the color and style of the flowers. Two tall altar bouquets are flanked by rented candelabra stands. The unity candle is presented on a small table in front of the altar.

The ceremony takes on a total different rustic look with an archway created from birch branches. Instead of two altar sprays there is just one large central arrangement.

Bring in a garden style look with freestanding urns on either side of the altar. Tall colored candles are inserted into several clusters of florals.

Notice that the imaginative use of terra cotta pots that have been whitewashed with a paint glaze. Plastic liners are inserted into the pots to make them waterproof and the arrangement are made directly into the containers.

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