Pew Flowers

This garland of pew flowers makes a lovely alternative to bows. Garlands used to be a time consuming production, but with Oasis garland foam, it's so easy!

Simply snip the length off that you want each hanging garland to be, soak in water, and add your flowers. Tie satin ribbon thru the netted Oasis and tie to the pews for a gorgeous pew decoration!

Love the look of a kissing ball? These netted Oasis spheres make it easy to create your own!

Add the flowers of your choice. The larger the sphere of Oasis you begin with - the larger your pew marker will be! Be sure to keep the florist foam thoroughly saturated with water right up to your wedding day so the flowers stay fresh. Misting with Finishing Touch flower sealant will also help the flowers stay hydrated.

If you prefer using a clip, you can simply insert the flowers of your choice. Here, an interesting blend of wheat, gladiolus blooms and some mixed greenery makes this pew marker very special.

Flower designs courtesy (except where indicated otherwise) of John Henry. All rights reserved.

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