Wedding Pew Decorations

Pew Marker Flower Arrangements

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Wedding Pew decorations are important church ceremony decorations. They frame all the wedding pictures of the bride coming up and down the aisle. The fun thing is that these pew flowers can be easily detached and whisked over to do double duty as wedding reception decorations!

Wedding Pew Clips

The first thing you need to decide is how to attach your pew marker. Since these may be heavy or contain water, be sure to check with your church official on any rules regarding pew arrangements.

Do not use any heavy tape or wires that may mar the finish, or you may have a big repair bill on your hands!

Professional florists generally use loops of ribbons or pew clips. These handy clips can easily snap on OASIS foam for easy flower insertion and no dripping water problems.

I always us Flora-Lock (a fresh flower stem adhesive) to secure the flowers in the OASIS block. This assures that the flowers will stay secure even through transportation, handing on the pews, etc.

You can also use cones to hang the pew flowers with. These cones are usually wrapped with ribbon and a bouquet holder inserted into the foam. It is a very easy way to create beautiful pew markers quickly!

Enjoy some of the lovely pew decorating ideas pictured below.

Blue Hydrangea Wedding Pew or Door Decoration

This pew decoration uses an OASIS Bouquet Holder. Be sure to spray the flowers with Crowning Glory after designing. This will help them stay fresh during the ceremony.

A purple or blue hydrangea, dyed blue Holland roses and limonium make these pew flowers real eye-catchers!

Pew Flowers using Carnations

Striking pew markers often use Iglus (Oasis foam bouquet holder) soaked in floral-nutrient water. The purple Florigene Moonshade Carnations are so easy to use in this simple wedding flower arrangement! Use this on doors, on the edges of tables and more!

Rose Pew Decoration

This rose pew arrangement is a little more time consuming, but see what a stunning floral it makes! Duchess roses and sala leaves make this very unusual wedding flowers jump out at you!

Heart Shaped Pew Decorations

This pew marker begins with an OASIS Mini Heart. Hot pink miniature carnations were used. This decoration may be a little heavier than others due to the water soaked OASIS foam.

Pew Marker using Clay Pots

This flower arrangement has more of a rustic air with using a Lomey Pew Clip, an Iglu Holder and a clay pot. The beidermeier design makes this design very lovely.

Pew Cone Decoration

This pew cone decoration accented with dainty bows is sure to be a hit at any wedding! Using roses and calla lilies, this marker is arranged in an OASIS Bouquet Holder and slid down into a Posy Pocket Cone using pan melt glue.

Pew Bows

See Pew Bows for easy instructions. If you specifically want tulle bows, Decorating with Tulle may be of interest to you.

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