Satin Wedding Pew Bows

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Wedding pew bows are typically made from #9 or #40 satin ribbon . You will need ribbon that is stiff enough to hold a shape. Sheer ribbon with a wired edge also works well.

Step One

Tape a 22 gauge wire with florist tape. I usually tape with white florist tape on my wedding bows, but I have used green to show up better in the photographs. This tape bonds to itself when stretched. Hold on to the tape at the top of the wire. Roll the wire between your fingers. Pull down on the tape, stretching it downwards as you roll the wire. Tear off the tape when you are at the bottom of the wire.

Keep this wire handy - you will need to be able to reach it when your bow is ready to be wired.

Step 2

Measure a length of two foot (or more if you want longer tails) and grasp the ribbon with your fingers on the two foot spot.

(Hint: instead of measuring, I take a hold of the end of the ribbon and stretch my arm out. I then grasp the point on the ribbon where it meets my shoulder. If you measure this way each time, your pew bow tails will be approximately the same length without having to measure.)

Step 3.

Pinch the ribbon at this point between the fingers of both hands. Twist the ribbon tightly. Hold the twist firmly between the index finger and thumb of one hand.

Step 4

While holding this twist firmly, pull more ribbon off the bolt.

Make a loop just big enough that you could slide your hand into it. Pinch the ribbon under the top twist between your index and middle fingers.

Step 5

Twist the ribbon again. You should now have a top twist and a bottom twist.

Step 6

Place the two twists together.

Now hold BOTH twists firmly between the thumb and index finger of one hand.

Pulling more ribbon off the bolt, make a second loop on the other side to match the first loop.

Step 7

Now you should have a loop on each side and the twisted points pinched firmly between the thumb and index finger of one hand.

Continue pulling more ribbon off bolt and adding loops as before.

Step 8

Continue adding loops and twisting each one until you have at least five loops on each side.

It will begin to feel kind of awkward to hold this many pinches between your thumb and index finger.

Add more loops if you want a bigger bow - but it will get harder to hold after five loops.

Step 9

With all the loops pinched together by one hand, take your taped wire and fold over the twists.

Give the wire one twist to hold the ribbon. Now turn the RIBBON AND HOLD THE WIRE STILL. This will tighten the wire upward into the ribbon.

If you twist the wire instead of the bow, it will not tighten as well.

Now slide your hand into each loop and give a hard twist to the loop.

Step 10

Twist each loop, pulling and tugging gently to spread the loops out. Clip each pew bow tail into either a "v" shape or on a slant.

Step 11

This is a photo of the finished pew bow. One bolt of ribbon with 50 yards will make approximately ten largebows.

Find the ribbon and florist cages to make these beautiful decorations is the biggest challenge. Please visit my on-line store to find the clips, attachments, ribbon and all the other products you need for beautiful church arrangements.

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