Calculating How Many Petals Needed

Buying petals, (available in fresh, freeze dried or silk) presents the problem of "how many do I need?" Although it varies according to how generous of a handful your helpers use, here are some rough guidelines before ordering.

300 Pack Containers

In my personal online store, I sell several different colors of silk petals, in packages of 300. I like using these, since they are packaged in a flat square box, rather than stuffed in a plastic bag. Silk rose petals can tend to become crumpled and creased if packed too tightly.

A 300 packs will roughly:

  • will lightly decorate a bedroom, hotel suite or a bathroom

  • fill two small flower girl baskets or fill one large (with some left over)

  • cover roughly 6 square foot on an aisle or walkway (lightly scattered)

  • give you enough petals to scatter lightly on 5-6 60" round tables

  • give enough petals for 15 - 16 guests to toss as you leave the church

Don't Need that Many Petals?

These are packed roughly 110 petals to the container and will:

  • provide enough petals for 6 guests to toss as you exit the ceremony or enter the reception. (Roughly 19 petals each)

  • cover a 2 square foot area a lightly scattered look for a pathway

  • will require 2 packages to be enough for a flower girl to scatter down the aisle as she walks.
  • to fill six wedding toss containers.

  • give a lightly scattered look to two to three 60" round tabletops.

  • need four packages to generously decorate a bedroom, hotel suite or bathroom.

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