Outdoor Weddings

Planning outdoor weddings can be so much fun - but a lot of thought needs to go into them. You must make your florals and decorations have an impact, since you are competing against a large open sky area. The good news is that your location has a lot of natural beauty compensating for this already!

Plan your florals to be where they will be seen by everyone or where there will be great photo opportunities, such as the bridge below.

Choose containers that fit well with the outdoor landscape and natural decor. Rustic stone pots outside a large wooden door of a church in the country works better than a glitzy silver urn.

Oasis foam cages can be wired securely to fences, posts, poles and other areas you want a spot of color to be visible. If the weather is warm, choose hardy enough flowers that can hold up to the heat. Mist well with a flower sealant to help seal in the moister and keep them fresh. Be sure to rewet the Oasis so the flowers have nourishment throughout the wedding day.

Think big! You need large block Oasis to create floral displays this large. You can save a lot of money by making your own.
Check out my Tutorial link at the bottom of this page for "how to" instructions on making wedding flowers, bridal bouquets and other designs.

But as you can see, the impact and absolutely stunning display is well worth it!

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