Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor wedding ideas must take in account venue location, season and the expected weather. Since outside weddings are such large spaces, consider focusing on creating larger florals that make a big impact, rather than lots of small flowers that get lost in the vastness of space.

Go to your venue armed with a camera and be sure to take plenty of pictures. This will help you study the area later and decide what to put where.

For example, I did a large outdoor wedding at a private residence that had magnificent stone steps. These were where the guests would walk up to the rose garden area of the ceremony.

I wanted to create something that worked well with the setting, but not overpower the brides budget for huge florals.

So I purchased large, fiberglass urns from the local hardware store. It was amazing - these only cost me $40.00 each. They were not the right color, however, to blend in with the stone steps. So I got busy with several cans of paint. I sprayed and blended until the colors matched the patio and steps.

Even though these urns stood nearly three foot tall and added another three foot of greens, you can see their size doesn't overpower these steps at all!

I decided to fill these with a cool mixture of myrtle, jade, emerald leaf and leather leaf fern.

They fit in very well with the cool, green expanse of lawn and shady area without creating a huge cost of additional flowers.

The painted urns blended very well with the steps and gave an illusion of stone.

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